NOVEMBER 16th, 2021

Digital Media Infrastructures: mess map


How might we critique the functionality of social media platforms, internet networks and chart their impact?

Initially, we started with putting whatever we had in mind related to ‘Media Literacy’ on the board as post-its. We then organised them into groups and I tried to identify the crux of each group (stroke-outlined). We also realised we have roughly two categories of subjects, things that are affects, and their causes. We later relabelled ‘Media Literacy’ to Digital Infrastructures. The new term clarifies out scope more accurately. 

In this process, we discussed how Media can be defined, whether it is strictly digital or includes newspapers, magazines and other physical forms. 


To hone in to my area of interest wrt the central question, I began diving deeper into the question of how networked commons work and what are the popular economic, sociopolitical, ontological critiques. I tried to ‘annotate’ my mess map in a monospace font and recorded my observations in a Bibliography Essay, before adding them to the group’s work. 

NOVEMBER 16th, 2021

Digital Media Infrastructures: socializing! 

Voice Notes



Do you identify with content you see on the platform?

1. We initially free associated all our question in ‘zoom chat’ as a group. We finalised our questions by sorting them into categories and then ‘voting’ on one question that interests us the most.

Once we had finalised our questions, each group (2 people) took up one category. 

The team of two then decided on a methodology for their area and discussed it with the larger group. Some of us even interviewed each other in practise! Our queries and methodology evolved a lot with these test runs.

2. We then went into our particular groups and supplemented them with more queries. 
  • What does your social media feed represent about yourself in general?

generally it is — the thing is because of my frineds random stuff its not what
  • Do you interact with your followers?
  • Do you have a sense of digital community?
  • Do you feel like you see certain 'types' of people on your feed?
  • Do you feel like you share a community?
  • Do you think there is a divide in what is apporpriate for you to share to be in certain groups?


Why do you think your social media looks the way it does

Why do you think the algo tries to push this consolidation of people to you

Why is this your preferred platform for social engagement and does it fit your needs

why do creators and users on this platform have so little agency?

why have users creators not done anything about this already?

mastodon ?

****1. Are people seeing content from people in their area / race/ gender / other kinds of communities?
  1. Does this platform play an important role in strengthening (or weakening) people’s belief?

Follow up questions:
  • What are the frequent types of feed you see on this platform?
  • What types of feed do you wish to see more on this platform?

To fully contend with our hypothesis for this research, I loosely formulated our assumptions. 

People either only see contents from an echo chamber — people who think like them talk like them look like them — what does this do to our perception of our social and digital community? does it entrench class divides? do you people think the internet treats everyone similarly?

Q: have you heard of the MIT project that shows you a different users feed instead of your own? would you want to see something not curated for you and your interests?

To tie our Primary Resseach to the Secondary research, I researched what specific projects and research has addressed our focused inquiry. This also gave us a little bit of insight into what our final solution could look like. 

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