This project offers a visualization of spring.

Through 80 LEDS on a Neopixel Shield, shifting colors of wildflowers through the spring are mapped in a loop. The  gradients of flowers move through space-time; eventually fading into death by the fall.
Fret not — blink, and its summer. 
Arduino Nano
Adafruit Neopixel Shiel 

Poetic Research

Understanding the subtleties of bloom through spring. 

For the distribution of the colors and how they bloom, I relied on notes from the past season and my grandfather’s farmers almanac which he used to keep a track of what blooms when.

The rectangular shape of the garden is evoked by the frame of the Neopixel Shield. 

SPRING > SUMMER is a cycle of decay of organisms that can’t survive the heat.

and subsequently, 

SUMMER > SPRING is a rennaisance of a second bloom, and when bulbs are planted for the next season before frozen sets in.  

I developed a short movie with gradients of flowers moving through space-time and fading into death by the fall. 

I initially tried to work with an Arduino Uno and the Neopixel Shield but the connection between MaxMPS and Arduino wasn’t how I wanted it to be. The Shield would only refresh if I manually gave it a command.


Undifused, the discrete lights on the neopixel resemble single flowers or pixels. I added a 3D-printed a diffusion panel to make these singular points blend into each other and resemble a field.

A visitor on approaching sees a rectangular plot with pastel lights that are soft yet bright.
To improve on the existing outcome, I want to incorporate the form and pacing of the flower in the future, like something erupting or blooming. 
I’m a lot more comfortable with the material I worked with now. Almost like coming spring, I feel slightly thawed. Moving forward, I feel confident to be able to take more risks with fabrication and the scope of the project. It was inspiring seeing the work of my peers, and in turn they found my work welcoming and felt comfortable interacting with it to amplify the experience of the shifting colors. 

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