NOVEMBER 2nd, 2021

Time Capsule II: Containers of belonging

Construction Paper,
Mesasuring Ruler,
Xacto Knife

1. I started by thinking of objects that I currently use or have used to store things over time. Going through the pockets of my winter jackets, and finding candy from the past year has always been a delight for me.

2. The second thing I considered was my bagpack — it is worn out and dirty but it holds everything I need and more. It has for 5 years. 

3. Lastly, I thought about evoking the feeling of reading old diaries, blogs, or letters from the summer. In the past I have tried to keep letters from myself or others as mementos for a more nostalgic self.

For my objects, I decided to make a time capsule that is extendable and can be used to store more trinkets — its not precious at first sight but it remains precious to me. My material of choice was construction paper, and I followed this tutorial to help me with origami.

I decided to build the prototype with origami because while the creases on the paper remain, the paper itself can serve another purpose to someone else if it desires to. 


NOVEMBER 8th, 2021

Time Capsule III: On unearthing an old love.


What will the inhabitants do or think in the year 2145? Human beings make sense of the world collectively, through the formation of diagrams, murals, signs for meaning making. Interpreting objects outside of their intended context is a common occurance with the archaeologists of today. Something as fickle as personal objects whose meaning shifts is hard to envision without projecting the thoughts and feelings of the ‘discoverer’ on them. 

I had a few things ruminating while I thought of this project. I drew inspiration for the format from the following work:
A Dictionary of Symbols by Juan Eduardo Cirlot

For my objects, I decided to make a time capsule that is extendable and can be used to store more trinkets — its not precious at first sight but it remains precious to me. My narrative tool of choice is a diagram. 

Subsequently, I decided to embody the monologue of the person discovering the time capsule into the diagram. I ‘storyboarded’ the basic thoughts that might run through their head — from the no longer sharp blade of the scissors, misunderstanding what mints are and fantasizing about a past where electricity is more common place. 

The final iteration chronicles the puzzling nature of the objects and the discoverer’s throughts as they try to make sense of them.

“What am I to do”
“The electrons refuse their indoctrination”
“V = IR” [Voltage = Current X Resistance]
“May I taste it? The poison that once freshened your breath”
“The you we do not know”
“Shall we celebrate — you?”

OCTOBER 25th, 2021

Time Capsule: Dangers of belonging

Graphite Paper,

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Photoshop

Recently, I had to say goodbye to a my belongings and try to find a sense of belonging in new places. In accordance with Jane Bennett’s writing ( see: Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology of Things) I often isolate objects and try to imagine them with narratives that refelct my own thoughts.The three objects I chose represent different timelines of transitions. 

After a period of hospitalisation,my professor took me in and trusted me with her tools — particularly her heirloom scissors — to make work and tend to her gardens. She enabled me to think of them as an extension of myself instead of an object for potential self harm. I made this simulation to demonstrate how context can change the epistemic responsibility of an object — Even the pointed scissors can flock like birds.
"The Magician" by Andrea Cohen


The universal adapter perceives no outside. It cannot understand geopolitical borders, all it really cares about is the trasnfer of electrons. It is a tool of exchange, and dare i say, comfort. It creates no heirarchies — it’s bulky but it doesn’t want to be slimmed down or reduced. It won’t let you be omnipresent, you still have to choose. Is it going to be Europe today or Australia? How many devices will I plug in? It’s a stubborn little brick, but what would you do without it? Even your own home will try to reject you if you’re not prepared to assimilate instantly. There is no forgiveness for those who forget. 

Purely performative. I guess they have a genuine purpose but they are usually handed out as a gesture of friendship. A gift. Look, I will share this with you. You’ll wrap your tongue around it as it dissapates. In a few minutes your body will probably not remember it was ever there in the first place. How many times can I give a mint to a stranger till I’m left with none? These tea infused mints, I could buy them at the store tomorrow, but this pack is special. This pack I bought with you. I kept it in your backpack when we would travel, a little treat we can enjoy in between the mundaneness of commute. Even if we have to wear masks, a harmless little adjustment to pop a mint never bothered anybody. When  you go grocery shopping, do you look at the mints? Can you buy the same things I would purchase without thinking of me? — The me, who clutches at every last memory, before I offer it to someone else.

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