OCTOBER 11th, 2021


Tools and Tales


I have a fondness of clovers. They are one of the few plants that I’ve consistently found in my surroundings since I was a child, and one of my earliest memory is my grandmother encouraging me to forage, and try some fresh leaves from the garden. If you’ve never had them, they taste like green apple and have a hint of cyanide.

I started by trying to capture 50 different states of the clover plant in a grid. This exploration was an effort to let the abstracted form of the clover serve as an illustration of my thoughts. I arranged them in panels, but later decided to keep the vignettes as stand alone drawings.

Screencaptures from interpolating frames 
Digital Animation
Procreate, Adobe Photoshop
10 fps, 20 frames

The clovers I have sit beside my bedroom window. I wake up to the leaves perpedicular to the stems in the morning and they close up by evening as the sun sets. I wanted to capture the formal qualities of this transition in a stop motion, and did this by drawing each frame at a different hour in the day.

Digital Animation
Drawn with Procreate
24 frames

The three leaved oxalis is a fairly straight forward construction, but the oranic melting and folding of the leaves charms me endlesslely. I wanted to make a pattern or tesselation inspired by the effortless arrangement of the clovers and how they take up space.  

Hello! I’m Tanvi!

SEPTEMBER 13, 2021
I’m a designer collaborating with studios and communities. I help create progressive and interdisciplinary experiences — from web platform to poems. I was born & raised in New Delhi, India but have been living in the U.S. East Coast and the social internet for the previous half decade.

I strive to explore alternative ways of understanding the convergence of the social experience, aesthetics & language. When I’m not designing, I’m reading or gardening with my peers to build solidarity and thoughtfulness.

SEPTEMBER 27, 2021


The Sperm Whale

(Physeter macrocephalus)

The sperm whale is a pelagic💦️ mammal with a worldwide range, and will migrate seasonally for feeding and breeding. They are the largest toothed predator.They have big brains🧠️ and really complex social lives💃️, but unlike us they live in a matriarchal culture. They probably even have stronger social and emotional bonds than we do. Young males go off on their own to find a new pod, and then everyone else stays together for life. Sperm whales communicate a lot like us too, physically and with language. But they also have a third way and I think we should consider it like a sixth sense. 

You can think about echolocation like boat sonar 🔊, like a ping goes out and then it bounces off a thing in their environment and then it comes back, and gives that boat, a grainy shape of whatever that object is. Dolphin and whale sonar does this too, and so do bats. But animal sonar also comes back as a physical feeling. In the case of sperm whales, it's really loud too. They make the loudest sounds of any animal on earth, up to 230 decibels. Sperm whales make these click, creaking and buzzing sounds in their nasal passages, and then they amplify and direct them with this big fatty, waxy organ in their foreheads called the melon.

Spermaceti (found in the melon) —
sperm oil, from which the whale derives its name, was a prime target of the whaling industry, and was sought after for use in oil lamps, lubricants, and candles. Ambergris, a solid waxy waste product sometimes present in its digestive system, is still highly valued as a fixative in perfumes, among other uses. Beachcombers look out for ambergris as flotsam. Sperm whaling was a major industry in the 19th century, depicted in the novel Moby-Dick. The species is protected by the International Whaling Commission moratorium, and is listed as vulnerable and/or endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

They maybe even have a different sense of self. In the mid-1980s, a neuropsychologist named Harry Jerison proposed that echo-located communications that are emotional in nature, so like grief or joy, might be experienced by whales and dolphins as more than shared information. They actually might come in as shared feelings, shared emotional experiences. Jerison thought that this might give rise to something called the communal self, meaning that whales and dolphins might not say "I," they might always be a "We." We are sad, we are sick.

I used old cans and a USB cable to strong together something that resembles a sperm whale.The process of creating this prototype, and documenting it with video was oddly cathartic. It was really quite lovely to spend time studying the troughs and folds of this humongous friend.  

The clicking of the cans together is reminiscint of the whale trying to communicate with us. In its empty state, the can-sperm whale is hollow, but it’s teeth remain sharp to remind us that it’s truly the grandest creature on earth. 

OCTOBER 4, 2021


The Hamburger Menu

I chose the ubiquitous Google front page to translate. I realized that the primary affordance apart from the search bar is the Hamburger Menu

    I created a basic prototype highlighting a key element of the hamburger menu: 
    progressive disclosure. I wanted to display this through simple paper architecture and tried various paper folding techniques such as the Muira Ora fold and the Accordion fold. 

OCTOBER 17th, 2021

How are digital social experiences governed?


I used The Board of Innovation cards to analyse social platforms as they exist — not as a coming together of the proletariat but a strategically enforced fog that muddies all other signifiers of hegemony. [3] I looked at loosely three categories: geopolitics, labor, and ethics. There was a lot of overlap but I tried to take my commentary under these 3 notions forward and make a prototype. The technique was quite useful as it allowed me to flesh out my thoughts and approach the problem from different areas (economics, technical, labor and policy.) 

I wanted to further be able to point to what exactly are the elements that create distruptions that I want to address. I tried to find examples of expereinces that I seek to address. 

In my analysis I realised most social sites are looking to algorithmic policing and governance, in order to:
1. enhance the working of their business model 
2. discipline technocratically 

because the internet is an international space,
social sites have their own internal policy and that of the country that they are based in to abide by.

However, international governments are able to coerce or solicict certain behavior from the social sites in order to preserve the ideology of the state in interest of appearances of soverignty.

Social networks such as Instagram also do not have the capacity to parse through text when it’s rasterised and in a language other than English. Taking advantage of a platform without consequences, right-wing platforms encouraged their followers to shoot protestors at sight. Eurocentric, platforms are not built for information to be globally relevant. 

Within the native environment of WhatsApp, the aesthetic choices promote a philosophy of homogeneity, betraying nothing about the original authorship of the text or its source. In the absence of the spectrum of ideology being highlighted with any hierarchy, everything appears neutral. Information that is circulated ends up further radicalising people towards fascism in the guise of building community with those who are familiar to us. The echo chamber is never disturbed. 

The active agency of the receiver of the message is compromised in this situation, you have no choice 
but to receive information. With no way of tracking who has received the forwarded or initially posted information, sending corrective and follow up information and making sure it reaches all the original recipients is nearly impossible.


I made some explorations to explore the aesthetics of the platform I was envisioning by typesetting some quotes from Achille Mbeme. I also created the prototype by evaluating current interfaces and revising them.  


Baudrillard, Jean et al.
The Agony Of Power.
Semiotext(E), 2010.

Projects © 2020
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Piazolla, Neue Haas Grotesk & VCR OCD Mono