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APRIL 12, 2022

Two shapes having anxiety

p5 libraries used:

I decided to prototype a video gamesque controller that allows you to give anxious shapes more anxiety. Almost like a mating dance.

Motion Differentiation

What is a motion? When does the TinyML stop recording the gesture?
— what motions are too similar? 
— what happns when one motion is a part of another motion?
— adjusting how fast should the training happen, when should it refresh to collect a new dataset for training
— getting motion to stop once the signal has been received once

I trained with roughly 40 instances each. Still, the motion-paths aren’t distinguished enough from each other properly, so sometimes it behaves at random.

I was frustrated and randomly named the motions “lo” (forward motion), “round” (circular) and “ee” (diagonal) in classic train-wreck-naming-convention fashion.

Other qualms: 

  • It was tricky to get bluetooth to work at first. I finally felt in control of this project when the arduino light stopped blinking RGB and became a stable Blue.

    This was after Scott turned my Bluetooth on/off, after trying other more complex ways to get to devices to pair.

    Juggling a bunch of p5 libraries was also simply lovely, sometimes I was confused about the order in which the serial versus the draw stuff 
  • should happen.

MARCH 29, 2022


I did get this one to work:

(Scott’s Max Patch)

buuut the duck doesn’t really change. i can see the values changing but not sure where to view my output. The lolcalhost server won’t connect. 

Finally got it to work! Turns you can’t simply open a patch with Max, copy pasting works better. 

Fail #1

I used this word2vec plugn for Wekinator to give it input from the command line. This didn’t really work, I wasn’t sure where to observe the output. The local host server wouldn’t run.
I will probably open an issue and see if I get a response. 

Fail #2

I tried the p5 tutorials next but it also had some components that weren’t responding. Not sure something has depreciated. Also, the recommended input and putput ports were 3333/3334 respectively, but the local host URL from the local live server didn’t reflect that. Not sure if that matters.

fwiw, Gene in these videos is running his p5 code locally, it doesn’t seem to work on the web editor. 

Fail #3

At this point I’m probably giving up too soon. I tried a max patch but couldn’t understand that input and output for audio. 

I should probably come back to this. 

APRIL, 2022

Forager’s friend

I trained mymodel on some early spring flowers, both edible and toxic. I captured the flowers from a variety of angles, and labelled them.


Teachable Machine Link:

p5 sketch:

I then classified the 9 samples as toxic and non toxic and mapped them to green and red LEDs respectively. 

in action :

APRIL, 2022

🥨 Pretzels et al.

I trained my model on three shapes/gestures: Hourglass, Shuffle and Pretzel! Here is the documentation for pretzel, which was arguably the most complicated.

The ‘drawing tool’ is pretty low fidelity, something like a cat is identificable as a pretzel at best. 

TIP: record more than you think you’ll need and clean. My sample set went from 130 -> 116 real quick.

she’s perfect, but she’s hard to get right. 

Initially, I was trying to do a Z instead of the Hourglass but I realised that it kept capturing my motion to reset my drawing gesture to the starting point at the end of one sample. I realised that closed shapes with the same starting and ending point might work better with our capturing system. 

Error 1: I had some labelling issues too. Not sure why these happen, went into the JSON to fix.

Error 2: This was caused by running the Colab notebook on Safari! 🚫



APRIL, 2022

Color detector

I am still working on getting the circuit right ...
I’m not a 100% sure how to configure the button. I’ll consult friends to understand whats wrong with my circuit right now.

I looked at this diagram to understand how to photocells connect. 

I’lll keep working on it.....


Thanks for watching!

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