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Spotify is looking to differentiate their offering and accelerate stick user growth with new & existing music streamers in Japan.


Out of the Total Available Market, Spotify only takes up a small fraction of users.

Our goal is to increase Subs/Monthly Active Users to 40 in Japan by 2025.


Uncover insights and translate concepts into features that address customer behaviours and motivations.


UX Researchers, Content Writers, Localization Specialists for Japanese, Prototypers, Content Strategist and Product Managers and one other Lead Designer. 


A Distinct Market

This isn’t just a localisation effort. Japan, the world’s second largest music industry, is distinct from other markets.

There is specific cultural value placed on restricted items and the desire to be acknowledged as a fan. Monetization is largely granted in this phenomena. 

“Exclusive” 限定 (gentei) vs “Feeling special” 特別感 (tokubetsu-kan).

Exclusivity in Japan isn’t limited to content —  it also taps into the desire for unique and special things. Our goal for the project was to develop a prototype that could test concepts with users about their interest and willingness to pay by tapping into a sense of feeling special.

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