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Designing with Data

Before I could jump into designing, it was important to understand the data we had access to and what would be feasible to curate. Unlike Wrapped1, the cadence for these data stories would be more frequent, and thus required more data. I partnered with our data scientist and used this framework to investigate what data we had access to. This revealed some gaps in our approach. 


Not all data is accounted for.

Anniversary dates — fans relationship with artists also exists outside of the platform. We need to collect that data from the user. And encourage them to enter it in.

Automation isn’t neccesarily the most interesting result.

Your Top Artist statistically might not be the artist you want to explore your relationship with. To eliminate doubt, we should let the user pick the artists they want to see data stories about.

Example: A parent’s top artist may be ‘Mickey Mouse’ but this might not reflect what they are personally interested in.

Some data is protected!

Some concepts faced feasibility challenges due to the protection of GPS and location services data. Privacy concerns surrounding the collection and usage of location information make some ideas impractical. User expectations for confidentiality necessitate a cautious approach in incorporating location-based features. 

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