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catapulting an existing product towards scalable systems and new growth stages

Gojek is one of Southeast Asia’s best known on-demand multi-service platforms and a digital payment technology group that boasts of 20+ services and operations in 5 major countries.

Interface Design

Simplifying information and creating deliberate friction to reduce driver cancellations
Unifying several services into a decentralised flexible system set up for scale
Optimising workflows and bundling the journeys to boost the speed of order completion

Optimising background processes by
placing trust in driver partners

Originally, the Gojek app was designed to block the driver partner in some instances to avoid confusion or misuse. In case of a grocery order, for example, the driver partner had to upload a bill to ensure that the amount paid by a user coincided with the actual bill. But the driver partner could not proceed until the bill was uploaded, sometimes spending too much time on the app or getting stuck indefinitely due to poor internet connection.

To resolve this issue, the solution automated background processes throughout the journey on the app. This meant that, in case of a grocery order, driver partners were now permitted to proceed to the delivery location, while the receipts were uploaded in the background by the time they reached the user's location.

Bundling multiple journeys into one for rapid multiple completion

Driver partners of Gojek could only view the next leg of their trip once the current leg had been completed. In case of multiple deliveries or trips, this hampered their efficiency and led to a higher order fulfilment time since they could not plan their routes accordingly.

To let them make an informed decision and complete multiple deliveries while saving time, an easy toggle between journey views was introduced. Driver partners could now easily swipe up on the trip card and take a peek at their overall trip, without exiting their current trip leg. This helped optimise their average order completion time and enabled Gojek to service a higher number of daily orders as a result.

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