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Interface Design


Designing for an insight into
the process of strategizing

I collaborated with the Communications team to publish case studies focused on providing insight into the shifting nature of the process through which we design for our communities.

Highlighting Myntra’s product range through a seamless search

To provide consumers with a seamless display under a particular category, the team transformed the search experience to be more intuitive. The new design allowed for easy viewing of multiple options on the same page and all images once loaded remained and adjusted their quality according to the device.

I developed this illustration to demonstrate how network requests were made simultaneously to fetch more results at the bottom. By minimising the number of times images needed to be downloaded, the app optimised memory utilisation and never stuttered.

Consistently immersing in user environments to navigate unique challenges

With the active support of healthcare officials and the government, the team first tackled the problem of nurses following up via phone calls and recording information manually.

This illustration demonstrates the old-school yet concrete solution of DTMF tones (Dual Tone – Multi-Frequency). As this was easy to implement and supported by most platforms, it helped the team replace traditional registers and phone calls and maintain confidentiality.

Once actualised, the nurses’ phone numbers were masked and routed through a proxy. The app dialled a toll-free number each time a nurse tried to call a patient and played the patient’s number as DTMF tones. The server received the patient’s number through Twilio, decoded the tones, and connected the nurse with the right patient.

Simplifying search for a faster patient registration experience on the app

With this special prototype, the teams studied interactions of multiple nurses to quantitatively understand whether the feature worked. 

It significantly reduced the time otherwise taken to find a previously registered patient. Since it helped nurses find out faster if the patient was already registered, it also eased their effort on adding a new patient to the database.

Components for encouraging community

I developed specific elements in the newsletter for delivering tools for inclusion, insights for conducting research, and solidarity to people in the industry.
I undertook several iterations across the newletter to achieve that objective. Through the newsletters, we took a community oriented, pedagogical approach to sharing


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